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2018 Year 11 Subjects announced

The opportunities presented in this handbook are for your four semesters of Year 11 and 12 study.
There are many wonderful choices and opportunities.
Remember that the harder you work, the luckier you get! The same is true for your journey in Senior (Year 11 and Year 12). The key to being really successful is continually working at a solid pace and maximising your effort all along the journey. Some of the most successful young people in Year 11 and 12 have set themselves a goal for after school and then can work hard over two years knowing what they are targeting. This is so important. Working to a goal is key otherwise you are tempted to meander through the two years and be easily distracted. Some even close down all their social media because they are time wasters. There’s a challenge for you!
Taking all these things into consideration, there are many, many subject choices for you and you will be able pursue your interests. Take a program that is of interest to you. Doing things that you have no interest in because they might get you more points just does not work. There’s a fair chance you will keep working or studying in an area that interests you and suits your preferences, so do these kinds of subjects at school in senior too.
Take every opportunity to explore the opportunities presented, discuss your plans with your teachers and get advice from your parents or carers. There is an OP course, VET options and IB – and then you can even mix VET in to your OP course, so it is important to listen to advice, think about your future and take every opportunity to talk with teachers, Guidance Officer and any of us in the school Executive (Deputy Principals and HODs) – and even me!

This is a great time to be at Cairns High! Be the best we can be!

Download your subject handbook today!

Christopher Zilm
Executive Principal