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Cairns High IB Visual Arts students collaborate with local artist Jane Heraghty

My day with Jane Heraghty, local artist
Post-ed article by Siobhaun Bratty,
Year 12,
Cairns State High School
Cairns State High School International Baccalaureate Visual Art students were recently given the opportunity to collaborate with local artist Jane Heraghty in her upcoming exhibition entitled “Everything, Everything”.
Inspired by the alien landscapes of Antarctica, Jane enlisted the help of high school art students across the Cairns region to construct dreamlike sculptures out of the various objects she had collected. Everything from toy soldiers to unidentifiable pieces of plastic was granted a new life.  Shapes were reimagined using plaster in various shades of pastel. Now each delicate sculpture with its individual parts indistinguishable, is part of a whole, reaching towards the sky like an otherworldly beast coated in pastel.
The sculptures by themselves were extraordinary, but when enough had been made to cover a table, it was easy to see what Jane’s vision for the exhibition would be. A room, seemingly overflowing with sculptures of every shade of pastel imaginable, and a path winding its way through it. The objects appear to be “other” of this world but strangely not. The bits and pieces that fill our everyday lives were transformed, making us question whether they were ever of this world in the first place.
The chance to collaborate with an outstanding local artist was an amazing and rewarding experience and it is one that I and others will remember fondly.
I am very glad I chose to do the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and would highly recommend it to year 10 students and their families who are currently considering their plans for senior schooling. Doing IB Visual Art has provided a gateway to extraordinary experiences such as working the Jane Heraghty.   To find out more about the IB, join us next Tuesday from 5.30pm in the Cairns High Auditorium (entry via Grafton Street) for the Year 10 IB Information Evening. RSVP to the event by clicking on the Event Bookings button on the webpage.