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Environmental Awareness Day

Many looks of bewilderment were plastered across the faces of Cairns High students as they went out for lunch on 3 June. Such was the beginning of the Cairns High Environmental Awareness Day 2016. 

Crowds of students took the opportunity to listen to live music, purchase second-hand clothing, plant sunflower seeds and drink a smoothie from a bicycle powered smoothie machine. And, finally, students talked with treeforce representative Mrs O’Mara and left a suggestion on the suggestions board for future activities. The importance of the environment inspiring many a creative suggestion, with the added chance to win one of 5 movie vouchers. 

After many months of meetings, public speaking, and paperwork, the brainchild of the environment committee was brought to life in an open area underneath a large tree. This open air occasion brought activity to the concrete jungle that now makes up a significant part of the small block in the city on which the school was placed. In the next few years such an event will, hopefully, open more students minds the world outside the internet and help them to do what is needed to preserve it.

by Harris Caddick-King Senior Environmental Leaders