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Internal pride for OP1 International Student


​"Miracles do happen, when your effort is sufficient."

Qiao came to Cairns State High from Southern China in late 2014 and graduated at the end of 2017 with an OP score of 1! A tremendous achievement. Qiao is to be commended for commitment and focus which she applied to her studies during her time at Cairns State High. Qiao is currently studying Medical Imaging at the Queensland University of Technology. She explains that coming to Cairns to study was a turning point in her life.


Qiao shares some of her school experiences.

I have to be thankful to Cairns State High School, where I gained the precious knowledge, and where I developed many skill and great friendships.

When I first came to Cairns High to study, I was not confident with my English, so that I could barely talk to other local classmates. Then I ended up sitting all by myself in the classroom for the entire year. But I enjoyed spending time alone, so that I could do more things I liked. As I gradually got used to the environment of my new school, I made some friends who were also the international students from different countries. I started to understand the diversity of culture, and I found that so much fun, to get to know various customs and languages.  

For my study, I always managed to keep a positive attitude. There is an old saying in China: “Every contribution of effort will reward as gains.” If I want to be as successful as others, I have to put the same amount of effort, or even more.  

When your performance is so stunning, other people cannot pretend to not see it. Miracles do happen, when your effort is sufficient. I remember when I tried to enter the Year 11 Graphics class, my teacher questioned me that if I had ever done art before, and if I was good at English. I told him neither, but I would like to give it a shot. Other students in that class already had foundation knowledge, and I was the only new one. I felt the pressure, but also great motivation. Graphics was the most time consuming all my subjects, but I was willing to spend most of my time on it, to catch up, to research, and to gather ideas. Then finally, I topped of the class.

Likewise, getting an OP 1 in the final year, I always believe that those are miracles, since I never expected it. But it did happen, and I think that industrious people are rewarded. That can be recognised as the ‘reward’ from my hard work, but the real success is still very far away from me.’