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Maths Science Extension

The purpose of this subject is to cater for highly motivated academic students who have a keen interest in science and mathematics. The learning experiences are designed to develop high level problem solving strategies and foster creative thinking.


Students will spend equal time on maths and science in the course. 

Mathematics will focus on developing sophisticated and refined mathematical understanding, analytical thought and problem solving skills. Skills covered, but not limited to, include: advanced algebra, linear and quadratic functions, solving simultaneous equations, trigonometry, exponential and logarithms, arithmetic and geometric sequences and series, surds and linear regression theory. Digital technologies will be used to facilitate this expansion of knowledge and skills and to provide access to new tools for continuing mathematical exploration. Exposure to these topics and experiences will greatly assist the students’ progression and therefore achieve greater success in IB maths subjects and QCAA Maths Methods and Specialist Mathematics.

Science will focus on understanding and applying the scientific method, skills for displaying analysing and interpreting results, and content that should give a broader understanding of content taught in Year 9 and above. Topics will include: analysing systematic and random errors, how to improve experimental results, calculate and represent the uncertainties associated with experimental data, analyse electrical circuits, determine rate law and more. Students will develop skills using Excel and data loggers. These experiences and skills should prove beneficial in higher grades whether choosing QCAA or IB Science subjects.


Students taking this course would need to be at least a ‘B’ standard in both Maths and Science from previous grade. It is expected that students would do 15-30 minutes of homework per night on average 3 times per week.


Mathematics: Students will be assessed by term and semester exams.

Science: Written exams (Supervised Assessments-Science), written experimental reports (Extended Experimental Investigations-Science)


The only extra cost would be money required to support excursions.


Robyn Cowie | Head of Department Science | T 40503052

Li-Chu (Eva) Chang | Head of Department Mathematics (7-9) | T 40503024