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Developing innovative ICT users, connecting to the world through technology


eLearning at Cairns State High School is embedded within the whole school approach to curriculum delivery.  Contemporary learners demand seamless delivery between school and home and the school is responding to this demand by providing 24/7 access to teaching and learning materials through the Learning Place.

  • eLearning is embedded in the delivery of all subjects especially those with Curriculum to the Classroom (C2C) units which are based on the Australian Curriculum and include ICT Expectations.

  • Library Online provides students with access to online databases, recommended web based resources and eBook

  • The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program offers on-line support          using Manage​bac for classwork, assessment schedules and submission of student work.

  • A number of subjects use online training modules for self-paced learning.

  • Data loggers are used in Science for the collection of experimental results for analysis.  This is an example of the broad range of technology used at Cairns High.

  • To ensure that all students have access to technology to support their learning, Cairns State High School provides a day loan laptop program for approved applicants.

BYOx Program 

  • Since 2016 Cairns High has all year levels bringing their own laptop to school.  This is managed under the Bring Your Own "X" (BYOx) program.

  • Student laptops will need to meet minimum requirements in order to be able to operate within the school's network (4Gb RAM, Windows + WiFi).

  • In order to participate students and parents/carers are expected to sign the Student BYOx Charter to guarantee appropriate use of laptops whilst at school. They must also pay the Network Enhancement Fee.

  • The school will present an information evenings about the program and the minimum requirements for students' devices. 

  • The school has prepared a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document (PDF 207kb) to assist parents/carers to understand how the BYOx program will operate. 

  • To ensure that all students have access to technology to support their learning, Cairns State High School provides a day loan laptop program for approved applicants. For further information please contact the school office. 

Third Party Websites

A range of subject areas access websites to enhance teaching and learning at our school. Some of these sites provide access to interactive learning activities, software for programming and tools for presenting information.
Parental/guardian consent is a requirement by law under the Queensland Information Privacy Act 2009. Third party website consent forms need to be completed when students are required to create an account or provide personal information to a third party website which is any website which is accessed at school but hosted and managed outside of the Department of Education and Training (DET) network.
The list of the Third Party Websites ​currently accessed by students at Cairns State High School have been assessed for risk by the Department of Training Internet Filtering Team and deemed to be of low and medium risk for security.

Student email accounts

Student usernames are the first initial with the first four letters of the surname followed by a number. Student email addresses are the student's The password is the same as used to log on to a computer at school. All teachers can reset forgotten passwords.

Access students email here

Preparing and Connecting your BYOx

Current students have already been emailed a simple program called Prepare_4_BYO.  This will help them to name their computer (with their MIS ID) and create a correctly named user account (Surname_FirstName), ready for connection.

The Student Checklist is a step by step guide for parents and students to get information on what to do before bringing the device to school.
Previous manuals and step by step guides are still available for


Installing Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Student Advantage allows the students to install the Office suite of software.  Go to this website for the information and links to download and install (here is a step by step guide to help you).  


BYOx Day Loan Program
Cairns State High School is an eLearning school which means that all students are required to have a laptop ready to learn in every class. This does not mean that a laptop will be used every lesson but when learning can be enhanced through use of eLearning it is our school’s expectation that all students should have the opportunity to access this learning tool.
We understand that for some families a laptop may be too expensive and we provide a day loan program for students to collect a laptop every morning from the Library before school and return to the Library at the end of the school day. The process for accessing this program is as follows:
2. Submit form with fully refundable deposit of $50
3. Once approved collect laptop from the Library Help Desk
There are also occasions when a student laptop may be under repair and our school provides day loan laptops to ensure that students are able to engage in classes until their device is repaired. The process for accessing this program is as follows:
1. Parent/Carer writes a note explaining that laptop is being repaired with expected duration of repair period (up to 2 weeks)
2. Student presents the note to Student Services before school where they are issued a Laptop Under Repair Slip
3. Student presents slip to Library Help Desk and is issued with a laptop
4. Should the repair take longer than 2 weeks another note needs to be submitted to Student Services
Borrowing a Day Loan Laptop
If you are part of the BYOx day loan program or the Broken Laptop program the borrowing and returning process is as follows:
1. Collect your allocated laptop before school. No laptops will be issued during class after 9.10am. If you are late you will have to collect your laptop during first break.
2. No laptops will be issued after first break
3. You must collect a protective case for the laptop
4. The laptop is to be returned to the Library Help Desk at the end of the school day. If you do not return your laptop you will not be issued with a charger on the following day. Repeated failure to return the laptop will be referred to the relevant Deputy Principal and HOD Student Support.
5.  Students who arrive to class without a laptop will be recorded in ID Attend as not being ready to learn. These records are collated so that every time non-compliance with bringing a laptop to class occurs for 3 days, parents will receive an email advising them that the student is not prepared for class.
6.  Once a student is recorded as having 6 or more days without a laptop the matter will be referred to the relevant Deputy Principal and HOD Student Support.


On site support

Students are welcome to visit the help IT desktop before and after school and during lunch breaks for extra assistance.
You can also email
During Business hours, phone 40503077

Vendor portals

Vendor portals are now available as an option for parents purchasing a BYO device. The use of these portals is not mandatory and they are provided by vendors as a convenience for parents. The school i​s not involved in the private transactions between parents and the vendors.

Cyber Safety

Students at Cairns High are encouraged to use technology as an effective tool in their learning and education. We promote the responsible use of the digital device and recommend the use of the CyberSmart website for information on the safe use of technology.

Neville Stibbs l HOD Business & IT l T 0477 322876 l E