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Appealing an enrolment decision

Decisions on Enrolment

The Principal is responsible for all decisions on enrolments.


Where a Principal forms a preliminary view that an application will not succeed, applicants will be notified in writing. Applicants may respond to the Principal’s preliminary view by making a submission to the Principal, no later than seven (7) school days after receiving the preliminary view letter.


If no submission is received, the Principal’s preliminary view will be treated as the final decision and no further notice will be provided.


If a submission is received, the Principal will consider the submission and make a final decision. A final decision notice will be provided to the applicant as soon as is practicable. There is no internal review of the Principal’s decision.​

Please direct your submission appealing the enrolment decision to the Executive Principal, Mr Zilm by email:


Subject line: Appeal of enrolment decision