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Our school

Cairns State High School was established in 1917 and is a school based on valued traditions which strives to deliver courses with the latest innovations. The school aims to provide students with:
  • Valued traditions and latest innovations
  • Excellence programs in Dance, Drama, Music, Sport, STEM and Visual Arts
  • High quality teaching supported by technology
  • International education
We are very proud of our school and we invite you to explore Cairns High through our website.

Throughout our website you will see references to the stated aim of Cairns State High School. I wish to repeat that very important statement: "Our school aims to achieve success in education, to facilitate personal growth, and to encourage the development of responsible proactive global citizenship for our broad range of students". At Cairns High we are very proud of the range and quality of educational experiences that we offer and we do firmly believe that these are programs and experiences that will provide quality learning for all our students.

I urge all current and potential students to read carefully the details of programs offered at Cairns High and to choose a course of study which will not only be interesting but will provide you with the knowledge and skills that will be useful as you move to the next phase of your education or working life.

Most importantly, I urge you to commit to the program of study that you have chosen. You need to remind yourself constantly that you, more than anybody else, are responsible for the successful achievement of your educational goals. Read carefully the policies on assessment and homework, develop positive working relationships with your teachers and commit to a program of study.

Make sure that your time at Cairns High is both enjoyable and rewarding.

Chris Zilm