Year 10 Awards 2020


​Congratulations to all Year 10 students for their efforts in 2020. There is still a lot to do but you have handled the year well.

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Achievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
ShantelleAleDiligence Award
EthanAliDiligence Award
MonicaAmora FloresAchievement Award: Honours, Diligence Award
GraceAshbyAchievement Award: Honours, Diligence Award, Year 10 Vincit Award for Responsibility
ErikaAxtellAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
KellyBarrettAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
SeishaBartlettAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
KalebBattle-BridgesAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
CharlotteBellwoodAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
ZenBonneyAchievement Award: Commendation
JazBoyleAchievement Award: Commendation
AvaBradleyAchievement Award: Merit
JasmineBradley-CadmanDiligence Award, Year 10 Vincit Award for Responsibility, Year 10 Vincit Award for Resilience
KiaraBrunkerAchievement Award: Excellence, Diligence Award
ZaraBurtonAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
QueenByishimoDiligence Award
PoppyCahillAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award, Year 10 Vincit Award for Resilience
RishanCason-LuiDiligence Award
RishanaCason-LuiExcellent representation of the school Energy Exibition
AnnabelleChristieAchievement Award: Excellence, Diligence Award
JamieCoDiligence Award
SophieCockremAchievement Award: Improvement
BryadeeCourtneyAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award, Year 10 Vincit Award for Responsibility
PaigeCourtneyAchievement Award: Excellence, Diligence Award
AmeliaCoventryAchievement Award: Commendation
GiorgiaCrisciAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
EmmanuelleDavid SternAchievement Award: Excellence, Diligence Award
KeiraDeedAchievement Award: Excellence, Diligence Award
LordDizonAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
MiaDoneyAchievement Award: Honours, Diligence Award
PhoebeDoyleAchievement Award: Commendation
SiennaDubbinsDiligence Award, Year 10 Vincit Award for Resilience
JennyDunleaAchievement Award: Commendation
AbbeyDykeAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
LilyEggettAchievement Award: Honours, Diligence Award
JessicaEllisAchievement Award: Excellence, Diligence Award
CordeliaEricsonAchievement Award: Commendation
AthiyyaFaiqahAchievement Award: Excellence, Diligence Award, Year 10 Vincit Award for Responsibility
AbigailFarrellAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
HannahFindenAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award, Year 10 Vincit Award for Respect
LaylaFlanaganAchievement Award: Honours, Diligence Award
LouiseFowlerAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award, Year 10 Vincit Award for Respect
ArielFranksDiligence Award
ElizaGardnerAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
FinnGeorge-NewmanAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
IsaacGreggAchievement Award: Improvement
SariHammettDiligence Award
ReubenHammondAchievement Award: Commendation
MariHardesAchievement Award: Excellence, Diligence Award
ConstanceHarrisExcellent representation of the school InResidence, Achievement Award: Excellence, Diligence Award, Year 10  JCU Shield
ZyeonHartleyAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
NeilHarveyAchievement Award: Commendation
AndriaHeardAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award, Program of Excellence Award:
Centre of Excellence (Basketball)
BonitaHillAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
AliceHugginsAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
NatalieHydeAchievement Award: Excellence, Diligence Award
IsabelJacksonAchievement Award: Excellence, Diligence Award
EmilyJeffreyAchievement Award: Commendation
ChloeJensenAchievement Award: Excellence, Diligence Award
NanokaKatabuchiAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
AngelinaKick-PetersAchievement Award: Commendation
SabrinaKiesey-CaldingAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
JongchanKimAchievement Award: Honours, Diligence Award
FinnKincaidAchievement Award: Improvement
PornpimonKrajaikaewDiligence Award
EoghanKuiperAchievement Award: Honours, Diligence Award, Year 10 Vincit Award for Respect
EmaKuwabaraAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
Ella-Chanel-MercedesLeeAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
Jae-HaLeeAchievement Award: Commendation
LeahLeeAchievement Award: Honours, Diligence Award
OscarLeeAchievement Award: Improvement
AnnieLoganAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
TayaLohmanAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
AmoyMallieExcellent representation of the school Energy Exibition
MikaelaMamAchievement Award: Improvement
TamaraManahanDiligence Award
TajMaricAchievement Award: Excellence, Diligence Award
LythiaMarouAchievement Award: Improvement
BrockMasonAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
JoshuaMasonAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
RomanyMaujeanAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
ElizabethMcGillAchievement Award: Excellence, Diligence Award
MatildaMcGregorAchievement Award: Excellence, Diligence Award
ErinMilesAchievement Award: Excellence, Diligence Award
AiriMiuraAchievement Award: Honours, Diligence Award, Year 10 Vincit Award for Responsibility
HarryMoaseAchievement Award: Commendation
CatherineMobbsAchievement Award: Commendation
PaigeMoloneyAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
CasparMoncktonAchievement Award: Honours, Diligence Award, Year 10 Vincit Award for Resilience
LincolnMooreDiligence Award
GraceMorganAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
CroftonMorrisDiligence Award
AngeliqueMorrisonAchievement Award: Commendation
Fynn NeilsenYear 10 Vincit Award for Respect
HoangNguyenAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
FynnNielsenAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
MiranOhAchievement Award: Excellence, Diligence Award
JadeO'MallyAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
LillianO'RourkeAchievement Award: Honours, Diligence Award
TobyPhilpottAchievement Award: Improvement
JoshuaPorterAchievement Award: Improvement
SamarraPorterAchievement Award: Commendation
HardingRalaiAchievement Award: Commendation
JessicaRamsayAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
IsabelleReynoldsAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
SianRichardsonAchievement Award: Improvement
XanaduRobbinsAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
JordynRoweDiligence Award
KayseeRyanAchievement Award: Commendation
CoconaSakamotoAchievement Award: Excellence, Diligence Award, Year 10 Vincit Award for Respect
MatthewSamaniegoAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
RhiannonSandersAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
RileyScottAchievement Award: Excellence, Diligence Award
TajSee KeeAchievement Award: Commendation
SarahSelleckAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
WrenSewellAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
BlainSharplesAchievement Award: Commendation, Long Tan Award, Year 10 Long Tan
BriannaShephardAchievement Award: Commendation, Excellent representation of the school Energy Exibition
MaliSmedtsExcellent representation of the school Energy Exibition, Achievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
HannahSolomonAchievement Award: Honours, Diligence Award, Excellent representation of the school Energy Exibition
MorganStantonAchievement Award: Commendation, Program of Excellence Award:
Centre of Excellence (Football)
RyderSterlingDiligence Award
KyleSubongAchievement Award: Commendation
AnnaSwiggersAchievement Award: Honours, Diligence Award
CharlotteThammAchievement Award: Honours, Diligence Award
MariaTravinaAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
JamesTurnerAchievement Award: Honours, Diligence Award
DaneekaValentineAchievement Award: Excellence, Diligence Award
AbbyVeltheimAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
Thi Kim ChiVuDiligence Award
ShakeelWadsworthAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
LianWalshAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
ConnorWestAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
AlexanderWetzelAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award, Service Award
EthanWhatleyAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
ConnorWhiteAchievement Award: Merit, Diligence Award
JaceWilliamsAchievement Award: Commendation
Caleb WodzislawskiYear 10 Vincit Award for Resilience
JasminWyattAchievement Award: Commendation, Diligence Award
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 the assembly
Year 10 Dux and Allrounder

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