Student Support Programs


There are a range of support and extension opportunities in the school. This guide will assist you in working out what to link in with when thinking about support and extension. 

The guidance service is available to all students. The service ensures all students have the opportunity to realise their educational potential and to pursue their career aspirations when they leave school.

Student Support Services functions

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The Guidance Officers work with the Student Support Services team, Learning Support Teachers, and the Centre for Diverse Learning.

Catherine Garrone and Kiri Clark are the school's full time Guidance Officers and their offices are located on the 1st floor of A Block in A21 and A19a. Mrs Garrone works with Years 10 to 12 students and Ms Clark with Years 7 to 9 students.

Guidance Officers l T 4050 3006 l E

Staci Trindle-Price is the school's Community Education Counsellor and her office is located next door to the Guidance Officer's. Staci provides support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and families.                                                                                       

Staci Trindle-Price l Community Education Counsellor l T 4050 3007 l E

Marysia Skret is the School Based Youth Health Nurse and is located on the first floor of A Block in A19. Ms Skret is available  Monday to Wednesday and provides free and confidential health advice for students.                                             

Marysia Skret l School Based Youth Health Nurse l T 4050 3055 l E

Cristy Mock is the school's Chaplain and she is available Monday Wednesday and Friday. The school's Chaplain traditionally provides support for students and runs programs for students at risk, the role depends on SU QLD Chaplaincy to operate. Click on the button below to support and read more about the role in helping Cairns High students on the SU QLD Chaplaincy website
Cristy Mock | Chaplain| T 4050 3045 | E  

Confidentiality and access

Confidentiality is assured for all issues where personal safety or the safety of others is not at risk. Any information provided to others will be with the permission of students. Parents may request information or assistance with referrals to outside agencies for themselves. 

Students may self-refer or may be referred by parents or their teachers.  They may access the Guidance Officer in person during breaks to make an appointment or may contact the Guidance Officer by email.   

Parents may refer their child by phoning directly or by making contact via the Deputy Principal or the Year Coordinator.

Cairns High Guidance Services

Students are able to access Guidance Officers for assistance with the following: 

  • Personal Counselling and Referral
  • Study Skills and Time Management
  • Career Counselling and Planning
  • Assistance with applications to university
  • Mental Health concerns
  • Behaviour Management
  • Psychometric Assessment

Career Information

  • University News
  • Career Information
  • Scholarship Information
  • Gap Year Information
  • Student Workshop Information e.g Time Management and Study Skills Seminars

Wayne Hay | Deputy Principal l T 4050 3002 l E  

Last reviewed 22 July 2019
Last updated 22 July 2019