Rules and policies


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cairns State High School aims to ensure that students are supported by an environment that is organised and provides opportunities for students to achieve their best. The following policies outline expectations and procedures for the school community. 


Administering medication and First Aid

At Cairns State High School, we are committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for students, staff and volunteers.  This commitment includes the health and safety of staff and students when conducting curriculum activities in the school or in other locations.  Occasionally, it is a requirement that medication be administered or first aid is rendered.  The purpose of this policy is to provide information to Parents, Carers and Staff in relation to administering medication and rendering first aid.

If your child needs to take medication at school, please provide the office staff with:

  • a completed and signed Consent to administer medication form;
  • the medication in its original container; and
  • medical authorisation (e.g. the pharmacy label, or a letter from the doctor, or a completed and signed health action plan).

For further information, please refer to the Information for parents/carers and health practitioners

Assessment policy Years 7 to 10

These policies have been developed to inform students, parents/caregivers, and teachers of the key principles and assessment requirements at Cairns State High School. The aim is to maximize the opportunity for students to demonstrate what they know and can do.  The process is designed to ensure fairness to all students carrying out assessment tasks. 

Assessment policy Years 11-12

This assessment policy applies to students when they enter the Senior Phase of Learning at the school.  The Senior Assessment Policy is enacted from Semester 2 of Year 10, with the first 6 months allowing students and families to learn and understand the required QCAA policies and procedures that must be adhered to.  in Year 11 and 12, the policy is fully enacted and expected to be followed. Current the policy is under review pending QCAA senior syllabus implementation 2019

Common Forms - Senior Assessment Policy

Attendance Policy

Cairns State High School expects that every student will attend school every day of the school year unless prevented by reasonable circumstances from doing so. Cairns State High School attendance policy aims to maximise participation in learning programs by all students. 

(Last reviewed 10 September 2018)

Code of Conduct for students (2023)

The Code of Conduct for Students (2023) has been updated to provide clarity about expected student/family responses to cyber-bullying in the context of the school's policy about the use of Mobile phones.

The uniform requirements and anti-bullying strategies are also included in this policy.

(Last reviewed 10 February 2023)​

​Complaints Management Procedure

At Cairns State High School, we ask parents, carers, students or community members who would like to make a complaint, complete the complaint form and email or visit the school offices to complete in person. 

Should you have a complaint about a staff member or school process/policy, please email​

Issues which you believe are beyond resolution at school level can be submitted to

Computer Use policy

Cairns State High School offers Internet access for student use. Cairns State High School aims to develop students as competent, responsible, independent users of information technology. This policy (PDF, 511KB) outlines the school's expectations of students and student responsibilities.

(Last reviewed 26 November 2018)

Homework policy

The Cairns State High School Homework policy (PDF, 772KB) explains the rationale for homework and also clears outlines students, parent/carer and teacher responsibilities.   

(Last reviewed 10 September 2018)

Priority Learning Area Agreement

This agreement identifies Cairns State High School's Priority Learning Areas (PLAs) and the allocation of teacher aide time.

The school values its teachers aide team and has for many years held the belief that quality support personnel working with students in classrooms results in improved learning outcomes, especially in the core areas of literacy and numeracy.

Refund policy

The purpose of the refund policy (PDF, 866KB) is to provide information to Parents and Carers in relation to the requirements and policy for issuing refunds. 

(Last reviewed 6 November 2018)

Student Resource Scheme (2022)

S​un Smart Policy

Be sun smart. Cairns State High School recognises the importance of being smart in the sun. As part of this we encourage students to access shaded areas around the school when they are sitting outside during the breaks. 

CSHS Sunsmart Policy ​ (PFD, 188kB) Last Reviewed 9/11/2021

The graphic below is designed to alert you to the time of the day during which the UV index is highest. During these times you should limit your time in the sun and use appropriate sun protection.

Uniform policy

Cairns State High is a ​Uniform School. Our Policy has been updated to reflect the finalisation of the change-over to our new uniform (after being extended an additional year due to Covid19 pandemic).​​

 When enrolling at the school all students are committed to wearing the uniform appropriately. The uniform shows commitment to the high standards expected at Cairns State High School. The uniform ensures equity, promotes the school’s positive image in the community and creates a sense of belonging to this great Queensland school. The school uniform is endorsed by the P&C Association.

Students are to wear their uniform with pride and present themselves in a neat, clean and tidy manner at all times, whether wearing the uniform in school, on excursion or out in the community.

(Last reviewed 4​ February 2022)

Last reviewed 14 February 2023
Last updated 14 February 2023