Exam timetables


Exams at Cairns State High School

Junior School

Junior School students are issued with an assessment schedule at the beginning of each semester.  This schedule outlines all assessment that students must complete including assignments and exams.  The schedule will indicate the week of the term that the assessment is due or the week of the term that the exam will be given.  Junior students will complete exams in class time and must be present on the day of the exam. 

Senior School 

Senior School students are also issued with an assessment schedule at the beginning of each semester.  Students are themselves responsible for ensuring that they are aware of the assessment requirements for each of their subjects; this includes checking the assessment schedule for when assignments are given and are due, and when in the semester they will be required to sit an exam for one of their subjects.  

Exams will be conducted at the following times: 

  • Class time as per the students timetable
  • Out of class time as per the school calendar

​Year 11

​Year 12

​Term 1

Scheduled by faculties

​Scheduled by faculties

​Term 2

​Scheduled by faculties

Scheduled by faculties

​Term 3

​Scheduled by faculties

Mock Exams in Week 9 & 10

Term 4

Mock Exams in Week 2 & 3

External Exams from Week 3 to 6​

Exam timetables are generally available to students 2 weeks prior to the exam block.

Students must be available to sit their exams in the respective exam sessions. Catch-up exams will only be available to students who have missed an exam due to illness and have a medical certificate.  

Students must ensure they follow the following guidelines:  

  • Arrive punctually to the exam
  • Bring student ID card and other necessary equipment as advised by teachers e.g. calculators etc.
  • Follow all instructions given by the Exam Chief Supervisor and other supervising staff. These instructions will include: 
  • turn off electronic devices and leave in school bag
  • place bags in the allocated area
  • no communication with other students once inside the exam room/s.
  • sit in rows / at desks identified by teacher labels or as verbally instructed
  • place student ID on desk to assist with identification and roll marking
  • Only bring a see through pencil case or snap lock bag for pens etc
  • Water bottles are permitted but should be clear with no labelling

Students are only required to attend school for timetabled exam sessions and must attend in full school uniform.  Students should use other times for study at home.  Students with no or few exams should use the time for additional work placement or work experience but must be available for timetabled exam sessions.  

Last reviewed 10 February 2023
Last updated 10 February 2023