​​​​​​​​​​​​​Belonging is very important for children’s mental health and wellbeing. Children who feel that they belong at school are happier, more relaxed and have fewer behavioural problems than other students. They are also more motivated to learn and be more successful with their school work. Research into children’s mental health has found that a sense of belonging and connectedness at school helps to protect children against mental health difficulties and improves their learning. []


We create a sense of belonging by developing connections

Connect teachers meet with each student at least two times per year to review progress and check in with the young person to check in on:

  • Relationships and emotions
  • Rest & play and spirituality
  • School/work and organisation
  • Care for body and Resilience

Starting at school

Right from the very start, we collect information about every new student and then share this with our teaching teams.  We also have a group of volunteer students who act as ambassadors with students connecting before they start.

Year 6 students (along with parents and carers) engage in a transition program in the form of a series of information and familiarisation sessions. Students enrolling in a Centre of Excellence will work with the leaders of these program in groups and individually. A program of interviews provides all other students with an opportunity to give us information individually. It might also be useful for you to meet with other staff in preparation of the start at Cairns State High. Students with disability must meet with the Head of C4DL.

Students coming in to other Year Levels will meet with the relevant Head of School and be introduced to the Year Coordinator who will help with the induction to the school. 

Connect program and teacher

Character strengths underpin the Connect program delivered to students in Year 7-9 by their connect teacher.

Character strengths

Students in Year 10 are prepared for their senior studies and engage in extensive career education.

Year 11 and 12 students attend a number of workshops and events targeting study skills, health and career development.

The Cairns State High Responsible Behaviour and Wellbeing Plan details the scope of the Wellbeing program provided to students in the school.

Support and services

The support team consists of a part time chaplain, a School Based Youth Health Nurse (emploted by the Department of Health) and a full time social worker. They connect students with a range of social and welfare programs available in the community.

The library offers a range of face to face and online supports to student learning.

The Technical support team is located in the library for BYOx support.

Student services in A block provide health and administration support to students.

The Learning Support team delivers a range of in class support and help hub

The school offers the Diamond Spirit (girls) and Clontarf Academy (boys) programs for Indigenous students.

Case management occurs for every student of the school. At the end of every reporting juncture (Term 1, Sem 1, Sem 2);

Achievement is reviewed;

High achievement and improvement is acknowledged

Effort and behaviour levels are used to determine student engagement.

In an ongoing manner:

  • Positive behaviours are recorded and acknowledged;
  • Behaviour referrals and consequences are tracked;
  • Attendance is monitored daily;
  • Referrals to support team occur when issues emerge;

In Senior School in particular:

  • Being on track to atting QCE is monitored closely;
  • OP/ATAR/IB achievement and performance trajectory is monitored;
  • Attainment of VET competencies is tracked by teacher.

Opportunities and extension

Cairns State High offers an extensive list of sporting, cultural and academic opportunities for students in class, in the community and as part of the co-curricular program.

Students networking

  • Peer Support
  • Student Council
  • Environment club
  • LGBTIQ+ group
  • Musical
  • Handball
  • ‘We can’
  • (Hot potatoes, group work, quiz)
  • Sport teams
  • CAD
  • Camps and Exchange
  • Year 10 Informal
  • Formal
  • Sport carnivals
  • Paradise Palms
  • Reading club, Rubiks cube,
  • Homework club
  • Conversation club
  • Music performances in the Quad
  • 100% attendance activities
  • Student Council activities
  • Learning activities

Futures and options

Guidance Officers

 - Individual support for students re university entry.

 - Senior Pathways tracking and programs options

 - Connecting to Universities and the world of work:

  • VPG interviews and Work Experience
  • Traineeships and Apprenticeships
  • SETP process/interviews
  • Certificate courses at school
  • BLA Career expo
  • Career market
  • Subject trials in 7-10
  • Guest speakers

Giving feedback

Connect with your preferences

Needs, values, talents and behaviours

2019 connect values

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