eLearning and BYOx



eLearning at Cairns State High School is embedded within the whole school approach to curriculum delivery. Contemporary learners demand seamless access to learning resources between school and home, the school is responding to this demand by providing 24/7 access to teaching and learning materials through a range of online platforms and digital resources. 

To support eLearning, Cairns State High School has a BYOx program which requires all students to bring their own laptop to school. A limited number of laptops are available for students unable to bring a laptop to school. Please contact the Head of Learning Resources for more information.

​Devices and operating systems that DO NOT connect to the school network

  • Linux Devices​​
  • Chromebooks 
  • iPads

BYOx Device Minimum Specifications

The laptop needs to be suitable for general purpose computing. Subjects which require video editing and graphic design programs are supported by computer labs with suitable devices and software.

Specification Entry level General High Level

​​Wind​ows OS
StorageHDD: 128GBHDD: 256GBHDD: 512GB+
Ram memoryRam: 8GBRam: 16GBRam: 32GB+
Wireless card​Wireless 5Ghz 802.11AC ​​ ​
SystemWindows 10 or later 64bit ​​ ​
BatteryBattery sufficient to last 6 hours on Balanced Power Mode ​​ ​

Mac OS
​​ ​​ ​​ ​​
StorageHDD: 128GBHDD: 256GBHDD: 512GB+
Ram memoryRam: 8GBRam: 16GBRam: 32GB+
Wireless cardWireless 5Ghz 802.11AC ​​ ​
BatteryBattery sufficient to last 6 hours on Balanced Power Mode ​​ ​

Windows in S-Mode

Most local retailers are now selling laptops with Windows 10 S Mode as the pre-installed operating system (OS). This OS locks the computer down to a state where the user is unable to install any programs that are not from the windows store.

This version of Windows is not compatible with our schools BYOD program. However you can choose to switch out of S mode at no extra charge. Switching out of Windows 10 S mode guide​ ​​ ​​

Accessories: protective case, mouse, warranty coverage – consider Next Business ​Day (NBD)onsite, Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) – check with your vendor for specific de​​tails.

Keyboard: comfortable mechanical keyboard. A touchscreen keyboard does not help with touch typing and therefore is not acceptable.

Anti-virus: Windows 10 has “Defender" anti-virus built in

Useful Links for Students

​​ Software and Third Party websites

Cairns State High School uses a range of online educational sites and services to enhance learning opportunities for students. The Queensland Department of Education requires that parental consent for use of third party online sites is obtained for all sites where students login using any personal information such as school email address and name . Parents and carers will receive a survey which covers all of the Link to third party sites​ currently used for subjects across the school. Students will access learning materials using The Learning Place, STILE, Microsoft OneNote and Teams.

All students have access to Microsoft OneDrive for cloud based management of files.

Connecting BYOx laptops

All new enrolments and their families at the beginning of a school year will receive emails outlining how to setup their laptop ready for connection to the school network. Students from Education Queensland schools will maintain the same username from their previous school and will need to reset their password. Students enrolling from Non-Education Queensland schools will need to wait for the allocation of their username which can take up to 48 hours from enrolment.

Technical Support

Cairns State High School has 2 full time technicians based in the Library to assist with network connection and technical issues. Email or phone 40503077 for assistance. ​

Last reviewed 06 December 2022
Last updated 06 December 2022