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Rules and policies

Cairns State High School aims to ensure that students are supported by an environment that is organised and provides opportunities for students to achieve their best. The following policies outline expectations and procedures for the school community.   

Administering Medication and First Aid Policy (PDF, 194KB) 

At Cairns State High School, we are committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for students, staff and volunteers.  This commitment includes the health and safety of staff and students when conducting curriculum activities in the school or in other locations.  Occasionally, it is a requirement that medication be administered or first aid is rendered.  The purpose of this policy is to provide information to Parents, Carers and Staff in relation to administering medication and rendering first aid.


The Anti-Bullying Policy which forms and appendix to the policy has been endorsed by the school's Executive and Student Support team as the lastest research-driven response and best practice in this area - Anti-Bullying Policy (PDF, 217KB)

Assessment Policy Years 7-9  (PDF 114KB)

Assessment Policy Years 10-12 (PDF, 135kb)    ​​                            

These policies have been developed to inform students, parents/caregivers, and teachers of the key principles and assessment requirements at Cairns State High School. The aim is to maximize the opportunity for students to demonstrate what they know and can do.  The process is designed to ensure fairness to all students carrying out assessment tasks. 

Attendance Policy (PDF, 131KB) 

Cairns State High School expects that every student will attend school every day of the school year unless prevented by reasonable circumstances from doing so. Cairns State High School attendance policy aims to maximise participation in learning programs by all students.  

Computer Use Policy (PDF, 191KB) 

Cairns State High School offers Internet access for student use. Cairns State High School aims to develop students as competent, responsible, independent users of information technology. This policy outlines the school's expectations of students and student responsibilities.   

Homework Policy (PDF, 63KB) 

The Cairns State High School Homework policy explains the rationale for homework and also clears outlines students, parent/carer and teacher responsibilities.   

Investing for Success 2017 plan

Taregeted funds to support the improvement of literacy and numeracy skills and engagement in senior programs leading to accreditation. 

Personal Electronic Devices Policy (PDF, 43KB)  

Cairns State High School’s personal electronic devices policy is designed to allow students to use personal devices in time that is designated as “free time”.  The policy also emphasises the expectation that during “class time” students are to abide by the instructions of teaching staff and respect the need for an interruption free learning environment.  

Refund Policy (PDF, 48KB) 

The purpose of this policy is to provide information to Parents and Carers in relation to the requirements and policy for issuing refunds.  

Responsible Behaviour Plan 2017 (PDF, 1054kb)

Responsible Behaviour and Wellbeing Plan 2018

(PDF 1752kB)
The Responsible Behaviour and Wellbeing plan is based on research which supports restorative practices as a process to resolve behaviours which damage relationships. 

Strategic Plan 2017-2020

The school's strategic plan is developed with input from staff, parents and students using feedback, data and contributions gathered by surveys and forums. The School Council then endorse the final document following stakeholder engagement.

Uniform Policy (PDF, 73KB) 

Cairns State High School is a uniform school. Its dress standards reflect the community expectations and standards as determined by the Principal in consultation with school community representatives through the school’s uniform committee.​​​​​